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The helloworld test


This is the classical HelloWorld sample. this example describes the basical elements of a test based on PowerUnit.

Maven integration

As a general warning, it is important to remarks that the version of the powerunit artifact is ommited in the sample

First of all, the maven compiler must be defined to use the java 1.8 :


Also, surefire must be defined to use the powerunit library :


Finally, the powerunit libary must be added as a dependency :


The class under test

As an example, a simple POJO class with one field is used as the under test class :

package ch.powerunit.demo;

public class MyBean {
  private String field1;

  public String getField1() {
    return field1;

  public void setField1(String field1) {
    this.field1 = field1;

The test class

Here is the test class :

package ch.powerunit.demo;

import ch.powerunit.Rule;
import ch.powerunit.Test;
import ch.powerunit.TestRule;
import ch.powerunit.TestSuite;

public class MyBeanTest implements TestSuite {
  public final TestRule rule = before(this::prepare);

  private MyBean bean;

  private void prepare() {
    bean = new MyBean();

  public void testSimple() {

This class will check that the value set using the setField1 method is available by using the getField1 method. The interesting elements are :

  • The test class implements the TestSuite interface. This interface provides the DSL support for the test.
  • The field annotated with @Rule define the action to be done around each test. In this case, it defines to invoke the method prepare before every test method.
  • Finally, the method annotated with @Test is the test methd itself. this method use the DSL method assertThat on the getField1 method of the class under test. and then use a shortcut to the hamcrest matcher to check the equality of the result with an expected value.


In the output of maven, the result of the test is display as a normal test by surefire :

Running ch.powerunit.demo.MyBeanTest (of <none>)
Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 0.003 sec - in ch.powerunit.demo.MyBeanTest (of <none>)

Results :

Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0