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Migration to version 0.2.X

Several changes introduced in version 0.2.0 impact how this annotation processor works. To migrate from a 0.1.X version, the following points must be taken into consideration.

Dependency to hamcrest

Since version 0.2.0, a dependency to hamcrest is not anymore provided automatically. The idea is remove the strong link between powerunit-extensions-matchers and a specific version of hamcrest.

If you haven't a dependency to hamcrest, you may have to add once. Three different versions have been tested :

Version 1.X


Please note that the artifact hamcrest-all is used.

Version 2.X


The all version is not available any more in version 2.X.

@Factory annotation removed

As part of the removal of the link between this library and hamcrest, the generated Matcher doesn't use anymore the annotation @Factory. This annotation was part of hamcrest version 1.3 and is not available anymore in version 2+ of hamcrest. This annotation was used to generated a class (or interface) referencing all the entry points of the Matcher, but not at runtime.

As this annotation is not used anymore in the produced Matcher, it will not be possible to use the generator of hamcrest (1.3) anymore. Also the included generator included in this annotation processor (parsing the @Factory annotation) as been removed. The generator of this annotation processor was enabled by the option ch.powerunit.extensions.matchers.factoryprocessor.FactoryAnnotationsProcessor.targets. If you used it, you should see below how to replace it.

Generation of DSL interface

Before version 0.2.0, two methods were available to generate an interface that exposes the entry points of the Matcher. Only one is now available :

  • The option ch.powerunit.extensions.matchers.factoryprocessor.FactoryAnnotationsProcessor.targets is removed and not supported anymore.
  • Using the option ch.powerunit.extensions.matchers.provideprocessor.ProvidesMatchersAnnotationsProcessor.factory it is possible to specify the fully qualified name of a interface to be generated which will contains references to all the entry points of all the generated Matcher.

    It is not possible, as it was with the other generator, to generated differents interface based on a regex. Also, it is not possible to add additional method to this interface as it was possible by using the @Factory annotation.

Removed artifacts

Before version 0.2.0, two additional artifacts where generated, containing only one of the two annotation processors. As now only one annotation processor exists these two artifacts have been removed. There were named powerunit-extensions-matchers-factory and powerunit-extensions-matchers-providematchers

If you used these artifacts you must now use directly the master artifact powerunit-extensions-matchers. As the factory annotation processor has been removed no direct replacement is provided.

META-INF files

Before version 0.2.0, the annotation processors generate (if JAX-B was available, so not on JDK 9+) a metadata XML information file. This file is not generated anymore. It should not be an issue, as it was more an internal functionality than a real feature. Nevertheless metadata information are now directly available inside the generated Matcher.

  // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

   * Metadata regarding this matcher.
  public static final Metadata METADATA = new Metadata();

   public static final class FieldMetadata {
    public final String NAME, TYPE, ACCESSOR, STEREOTYPE;
    public final boolean IGNORED;
    private FieldMetadata(String name, String type, String accessor,String stereotype, boolean ignored) {
      NAME=name; TYPE=type; ACCESSOR=accessor; STEREOTYPE=stereotype; IGNORED=ignored;

  public static final class Metadata {

    private Metadata() {}

    public final String ANNOTATION_PROCESSOR_VERSION = "0.2.0";

    public final long COMPATIBILITY = 0;

    public final String SOURCE_CLASS_NAME = "ch.test.testme.SimplePojo ";

    public final Class<ch.test.testme.SimplePojo> SOURCE_CLASS = ch.test.testme.SimplePojo.class;

    public final String SOURCE_PARENT_CLASS_NAME = null;

    public final FieldMetadata[] FIELDS = new FieldMetadata[]{ new FieldMetadata("oneField","java.lang.String","oneField","StringFieldDescription",false) };


The Metadata information may evolve, but the field COMPATIBILITY must provide code information regarding these evolutions or evolutions of the matchers.

Link between classes

The detection of link between class and Matcher has been enhanced in version 0.2.0. In some case, when before the annotation processor was not able to detect that a matcher is available for a field or the parent class, the link is detected. In these case, it will be possible to chain the build and the linked matcher will be used for a WithSameValue Matcher. It is an enhancement, but it may change the expected outcome, as before a simple is Matcher was use (which rely on the equals method) and the replacement will be to use a WithSameValue Matcher.

Also, the annotation processor try to find matcher already existing, for instance from a dependency. If it found one (using naming convention based on the one from this library and detection of the metadata), it will also use it and avoid using a is Matcher. It may also induce not so visible change in a Matcher as if a matcher is added in a dependency (or already existing), it may be detected and used now.

Finally, if for a class it is not possible to find a Matcher for the super class, before version 0.2.0, the WithSameValue was not generated. It is now possible to request the generation of this matcher, by using the option allowWeakWithSameValue of the annotation ProvideMatchers.


A dedicated Matcher to support Map has been added. It may change the way the comparison was done before.